Our success is built on the expertise and commitment of every member of our team. Exceptional co-operation and teamwork coupled with a flat hierarchy and fast-moving lines of communication are what make it possible for us to meet our goals.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of Mutares AG is made up of individuals who actively support the development of the company with their wide-ranging expertise and practical experience. To do so, the Supervisory Board regularly meets with the Executive Board to discuss the latest figures for the business, as well as matters of special significance.

Volker Rofalski Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Dr. Ulrich Hauck Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Dr. Axel Müller Member of the Supervisory Board
Prof. Dr. Micha Bloching Member of the Supervisory Board
Dr. Lothar Koniarski Member of the Supervisory Board

Executive Board

The Executive Board of Mutares comprises four members, all of whom possess years of international experience in various industries. Each member of the Executive Board has successfully occupied leadership roles in the past.

Robin Laik CEO
Dr. Wolf Cornelius COO
Dr. Kristian Schleede CRO
Mark Friedrich CFO


The success of Mutares AG is built on the expertise and commitment of every single member of our team. Yet personal expertise and dedication alone cannot achieve the goals that we set for ourselves. Only with exceptional co-operation and teamwork coupled with a flat hierarchical structure and fast-moving lines of communication can we nurture and give the best possible assistance to the companies in our portfolio.

The members of the Mutares team employ their individual skills and personalities to help the portfolio and the Mutares Group to grow. Many of them have years of international experience that they can call upon in actively helping to shape the development of our holdings and Mutares itself.

Dr. Albrecht Reiter Advisor
Alexander Güntzel Director
André Calisti Principal
Arne Amann Director
Catalina Bumb Director
Cédric Kuhn Manager
Dr. Christian Klingler Principal
Christoph Großekämper Director
Constantin Terzago Director
Corinna Lump Manager IR
Denis Ahluwalia Manager Tax
Fabio Picconeri Manager
Florian Krapfl Director
François Gasnier Manager
Heiko Baufeld Director
François Martin Sector Head
Dr. Helmut Naber Advisor
Henri-Pierre Garnier Manager
Igor Ferlan Advisor
Jan Thöle General Counsel
Jasper Delekat Manager
Jens Becker Managing Director
Johannes Laumann Principal
Jürgen Ziegler Principal
Kari Nerg Director
Katarzyna Gruber Head of Accounting
Dr. Lennart Schley Managing Director
Luisella Beccu Executive Assistant
Magdalena Matuszak-Skupinska Junior Accountant
Markus Gerstner Senior Associate Finance
Marlies Lindmeyr Receptionist
Martial Heland Senior Manager
Mathieu Purrey Principal
Patrick Oschust Managing Director
Paul Robin Associate
Paula Dias Sector Head
Philip Szlang Managing Director
Pierre-Yves Guégan Associate Director
Sandra Koziol Junior Accountant
Sébastien Mas Manager
Silvia Roner Senior Manager
Simon Brüseken Manager - Authorized Officer
Sonja Reinhard Advisor
Susanne Staudt Executive Assistant
Svenja Blöcker Manager HR
Uwe Müller Director
Yves Vacca Senior Manager
Jessica Albert Coordinator
Matthias Ferstl Associate
Tobias Wilmes Director
Philipp Matheis Senior Manager
Marco Pappadà Associate Director
Elizaveta Chernyaeva Executive Assistant