mutares AG acquires SHH GmbH SystemHaus Hemminger GmbH

mutares AG, Munich, acquired on April 24, 2009 all shares of SHH GmbH SystemHaus Hemminger (, a leading provider of geographical information systems for utility suppliers and big enterprises. Sellers are Stadtwerke Leipzig, founder and previous CEO Eberhardt Hemminger, as well as the regional utility suppliers Mark-E AG and Lister- und Lennekraftwerke GmbH. SHH, based […]

Acquisition of Ledertech GmbH, Bopfingen

mutares AG buys Ledertech GmbH (, located in Bopfingen, Germany. Ledertech produces and distributes leatherboard materials, which are used for the production of various products in the leather, automotive components, packaging and building materials industries. Exporting more than 90% of its sales, Ledertech is one of the leading global suppliers of leatherboard. The focus of […]

Acquisition of Filtral SARL, Bois le Rois, France

mutares AG buys the French Filtral SARL( from the Uvex-Group. Filtral SARL sells and distributes sunglasses under the brands Filtral, elite, Enfandises, Liberto, Polavision, Revlon, Scara, UV Sport und x-treme. The most important customers of Filtral SARL are almost all major French supermarket chains. Selling about 1,3 million sunglasses annually, the company has a 30% […]