The Mutares subsidiary Balcke-Dürr Group expands its product range and engineering know-how by taking over a specialist provider of industrial services in the field of dismantling nuclear facilities.

  • Strategic add-on acquisition strengthens positioning of Balcke-Dürr Group
  • Positioning of the Balcke-Dürr Group as a system supplier and provider of industrial services
  • Dynamic growth expected in the area of power plant deconstruction

Düsseldorf (Germany), 1 August 2018 – Balcke-Dürr Group, a subsidiary of Mutares AG (ISIN: DE000A0SMSH2), acquires KSS Consulting GmbH & Co. KG (“KSS Consulting”) with effect from 1 August 2018. With this acquisition, the manufacturer of power plant components and specialist for energy efficiency in the industry strengthens its position in the promising area of dismantling nuclear power plants. Through the acquisition of KSS Consulting, Balcke-Dürr’s service offering will be expanded to include radiation protection and decontamination from August 2018 and will enable the Group to act as a systems supplier to its business partners in the future.

The acquisition of KSS Consulting underlines the ambitious plans to achieve sustainable growth in this business area and to profit from dynamic market growth. In particular, the departure of the German energy policy from nuclear power provides the basis for a high demand for services in the field of power plant decommissioning. Karlsruhe-based KSS Consulting provides services in the fields of radiation protection, decontamination and decommissioning, with a focus of its activities in Germany.

The business activities of Balcke-Dürr Kraftwerks Service GmbH and the acquired KSS Consulting are bundled under the name Balcke-Dürr Nuklear Service. The headquarters of the company will be in Düsseldorf, with branches in Karlsruhe and Dresden (Germany).

The Balcke-Dürr Group expects double-digit annual growth rates for this business segment in the coming years and does not rule out further acquisitions. Balcke-Dürr Nuklear Services is already expected to post a positive operating result (EBITDA) for fiscal 2019.