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    The dedication of our team is what makes us successful

What we do

We invest in small and medium-sized companies that find themselves in special situations. By identifying potential for improvement, we improve those companies’ prospects for long term success.

Who we are

We focus on an entrepreneurial way of doing things, and we value an open-minded approach to unconventional solutions, as well as personal dedication, dependability and sustainability.

Working with us

We know that our employees are the key to our success. That’s why we’re always looking for outstanding people to join our team and help us move forward together.

EUR 1.6 bn.

approx. Revenues in 2020


Employees in H1 2021


Portfolio companies

Our portfolio

The companies in the Mutares portfolio operate in a wide range of industries all over the world. Joining our group gives them the opportunity to develop independently and sustainably.

Mutares as a holding company specializes in the reorganization and optimization of medium-sized companies and spin-offs and is now represented throughout Europe. We see ourselves as an active investor who, on the one hand operationally, through active support of restructuring and optimization programs with an in-house advisory team, but also on the transaction side, through strategic acquisitions with an in-house investment team, achieves significant increases in the value of its portfolio companies.

We have set ourselves the goal of advancing the topic of digitization and sustainability in IT, both, within our holding and at our subsidiaries. The use of the most modern systems and applications, as well as the use of cloud technologies for efficient and secure business processes, is the core of our IT architecture.

When we come to the company, it is important to emphasize our common strategy and thus give local employees the opportunity to get more involved and develop new potential.

Investor Relations

We are conscious of the great deal of trust that our investors put in us when they purchase shares, as well as the responsibility that comes with it. We aim to live up to this responsibility with the utmost transparency.

Dividend per share in EUR

23.1 Vol. € Mio.
15.2 Vol. € Mio.
15.2 Vol. € Mio.
15.2 Vol. € Mio.
Distribution volume