Mutares focuses on acquiring small and medium-sized companies that find themselves in situations involving major change.

Mutares is a holding company that acquires companies that offer clear potential for improvement.

Mutares focuses on acquiring small and medium-sized companies that find themselves in situations involving major change, with the aim of employing in-depth operational collaboration to set them on a stable footing so as to achieve profitable growth. Our own operational team engages with the management staff of each holding to identify potential for improvement and works on increasing profitability to aid the company in attaining enduring success. Extensive operational experience in business and restructuring coupled with financial and operational support lay the groundwork for overcoming the challenges presented by the process of restructuring.

Mutares was established and co-founded in 2008 by Robin Laik and has been growing steadily ever since.

865.1 Mio. Sales in 2018
>6000 Employees in 2018
13 Portfolio companies

Our Approach

Mutares typically acquires companies or divisions that generate little profit and are no longer part of the core business of a larger corporation and therefore are hived off, or when a change in corporate management makes disposing of those companies or divisions an appropriate course of action.

In particular, we invest in European companies that have plenty of potential for development and already possess established business models – often combined with strong brands. We focus on the following segments:

  • Automotive & Mobility
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Goods & Services

We are especially interested in companies that produce turnover of between EUR 50 million and EUR 500 million.


Once we have acquired a company, we employ a forward-looking corporate strategy and management to raise its long-term value.

In order to do so, we support the companies in our portfolio by putting our experienced team of operational specialists to work to identify opportunities and to exploit potential for improvement profitably and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders, from customers and suppliers to employees and shareholders.

The management and the employees of the companies that we acquire are essential in tackling the changes that come with optimising operations. The success of all our work ultimately depends on the skills, dedication and team spirit of employees. We are convinced that only by working together can a company’s value be increased by any significant measure. Giving employees and the management a stake in the company’s success is therefore a key part of our development strategy.

Furthermore, when devising the customised strategies for the individual companies in our portfolio, we call upon both tried and tested entrepreneurial methods and creative and unconventional approaches. In each case, we follow five principles:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Operational methods
  • Growth
  • Sustainability
  • Teamwork

Whenever making a decision, Mutares keeps organic growth and the lasting success of the companies in its portfolio in mind. This takes time. That’s why we invest for the long term and give our companies the time they need to increase turnover and profitability and to consolidate their market positions.

Once restructuring is complete, we are not content merely to hold, manage and monitor the performance of our investments, but we employ active investment management to ensure that we are constantly investigating new business opportunities and helping to make the most of them. In order to drive the sustainable development of our portfolio and the achievement of our ambitious growth targets, we regularly examine add-on acquisitions and pursue a focused buy-and-build approach.