Founded in 1974, Elastomer Solutions is a 100% owned subsidiary of Mutares and a
leading manufacturer of rubber and thermoplastic components based in Germany. At
production sites in Slovakia, Portugal, Morocco and Mexico, Elastomer manufactures
1k and 2k parts made of rubber and thermoplastic materials, such as eyelets for doors,
tailgates, dashboard, hatches, pedal covers, battery covers, seals and bumpers. The
group supplies customers in the automotive industry worldwide and has established
itself as a specialist for complex technical parts. Elastomer covers the entire value
chain from development to the sale of finished parts. In 2019, the company employed
around 450 people and achieved sales of EUR 36 million.

Since the takeover by Mutares, Elastomer Solutions has been pursuing a
sustainable, organic growth strategy. In the course of this, the production sites
in Morocco and Mexico were established as greenfield projects. In view of the
developments and trends in the global automotive market and the world economy,
Elastomer Solutions has completed a program to increase the efficiency of the
Group in 2019 and, at the same time, successfully achieved continuous growth in
new business, including for injection-molded components.