Cenpa is among the leading independent coreboard mills in Western Europe. It is a 100%
portfolio company of the Mutares Group. With more than 140 years of experience, the
company produces coreboard for the European packaging and hygienic market. Using two
paper machines, its product portfolio ranges from coreboard made from virgin pulp to
coreboard made from recycled wastepaper. Cenpa serves customers in the hygienic tissue,
the industrial core market as well as packaging industry, mainly in Central Europe. As
an independent paper mill, Cenpa is able to work closely with its customers and offer
tailor-made product solutions from development to test phase. This full-service strategy
enables its customers to achieve excellent production quotas. Cenpa benefits from its
central location in Europe, a multi-lingual workforce and advantages from near-by supply
of sustainable steam for its production.

Cenpa focuses operatively on two strategic key pillars: sales and innovation. Regarding
sales, the company reinforces partnerships with top clients, expands to new geographies.
Plus, it recently qualified for the renown FSC certification. Regarding innovation, Cenpa
developed in 2019 new, technically demanding products and started to market these specialities
to its clients. Additionally, the mill invested in a new drying section for one of its
paper machines and is currently looking into the production of green energy.